What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls? 17 Ideas For You!

When it comes to decorating your home, it can be tough to figure out what color curtains go with gray walls? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll discuss the different colors that work well with gray walls, and give you some tips on how to choose the right curtains for your home. We hope you find this guide helpful!

Best Curtain Colors for Gray Walls

There are a lot of different colors that can go with gray walls, but some popular choices include blue, green, and purple. If you’re looking for a color that will be the focal point of the room, go for a bright color like blue or yellow.

Keep the curtains simple and sleek, without any frills. This will keep the room looking clean and modern.

If you want to add a touch of color, go for a neutral color like beige, tan, or white. And finally, gray walls can be dressed up or down – choose what works best for your lifestyle!

What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls? 17 Ideas For You!

White curtains

If you’re looking for a way to add brightness and color to your gray walls, white curtains are the perfect option. They go well with any color wall, but complement gray walls particularly well. You can choose from a range of curtain materials and textures that will bring out the colors in your room. Additionally, white curtains block out most light so you can get a good night’s sleep!

Beige curtains

Beige curtains with gray wall

When it comes to color choice, beige is a great option. It can be used with gray walls to add warmth while still looking neutral and stylish. Beige curtains are perfect for matching every outfit! In addition, it is versatile enough to be paired with different shades of paint, furniture and lamps.

Charcoal curtains

Charcoal curtains with gray wall

When choosing curtain colors for gray walls, charcoal is a great option. It can help to add a level of sophistication to your home without being too formal or expensive. Darken the room slightly by selecting curtains that are two tones in color – black and charcoal, for example. Keep in mind that you should never go too heavy on the blacks or greys when it comes to your accent wall color – these colors work best when they are used sparingly.

Cobalt blue curtains

Cobalt blue curtains with gray wall

If you’re in the market for a curtain color that will brighten up your gray walls, Cobalt blue is a perfect option. It’s a peaceful and soothing color that will create an inviting atmosphere in your home. Available in different weights and textures, you can find the perfect one for your room.

Dusty blue curtains

Dusty blue curtains with gray wall

Dusty blue is a color that can be both stylish and calming. It pairs well with gray walls, making the room feel more spacious. You can use it as an accent or the main color for your curtains, to create a cohesive look in your home. As one of the most versatile colors available, dusty blue works with most decors and styles. So whether you’re looking for curtain ideas or wanting to add some brightness to your living space, dusty blue is sure to hit all the right notes!

Lime curtains

Lime curtains with gray wall

Lime is a color that has the brightness and vibrancy to make any room look inviting. It’s perfect for gray walls, as it brings in all the colors of the rainbow without being too overwhelming. Additionally, lime curtains can be combined with other colors to create an eclectic look that will complement your home perfectly.

Choose curtains wide enough so they cover the entire window – this way you get a more balanced appearance in your living space. Additionally, avoid using curtain rods or railings – these will only add clutter and take away from the natural look of your curtains.

Blush curtains

If you’re looking for curtains that brighten up your gray walls, blush is the perfect color. Not only does it add a bit of life to your space, but it also pairs well with other colors in your decor.

So if you want to experiment with different curtain ideas or add some color to your room without going over the top, blush is a great option! Choose curtains light enough so they don’t overpower the wall color – this way they can be used as an accent instead of the main attraction. Additionally, avoid using patterned curtains – these can be difficult to match and look messy.

White and gray curtains

When it comes to curtains, white and gray are a great color combination. Not only do they look good together, but you can also mix and match different colors to create a unique look for your home. Furthermore, be sure to measure the window before buying curtains – this will ensure that the curtain length is perfect for your room’s size. And lastly, don’t forget about window treatments in general – lightweight drapes or shade can be a great complement to gray walls while heavier curtains will work better with white walls

White and navy curtains

If you’re looking for a color that can brighten up the gray walls in your room without overpowering them, white and navy are perfect options. They give your room an elegant look that is perfect for modern homes. Navy in particular is a versatile color that can be teamed with different styles of decorating – from contemporary to transitional.

White and sage green curtains

White and sage green curtains with gray wall

If you’re looking for curtains that will complement gray walls perfectly, consider white and sage green. Both of these colors are cool-toned, which will give your room a fresh look. They also have a soft texture that makes them perfect for a bedroom or living room. Make sure to choose the right size – too big and they’ll overpower the wall color, too small and they’ll look tacky

Blue, grey, & white combo curtains

Looking for the perfect curtain color to brighten up your room? Check out our blue, gray, and white combo guide! These colors are perfect for those who want a cool and calming effect. Grey curtains can add sophistication while white ones can help brighten up the room. Make sure to measure the width of your windows before you buy curtains so that they fit perfectly!

Large vibrant floral curtains

If you’re looking for a bright and vibrant addition to your gray walls, large floral prints are the perfect choice. Not only do they add color, but they also flatter any room style. When purchasing these curtains be sure to take into account the color preferences of your guests as well – some might not be as keen on bright colors. However, don’t worry – these curtains will need replacing quite often due to their high-maintenance nature. So make sure you have enough space in your budget for this! And lastly, pair them with the right bedding and furniture set for the complete look!

Ombre curtains

If you are looking for curtains that will perfectly complement your gray walls, ombre is the perfect option. You can choose from a variety of different shades and tones to create the look you want, without having to spend a lot of money. In addition, it is a very affordable curtain choice – perfect for anyone on a tight budget.

Keep in mind your color preferences when shopping for curtains – if they are too dark or bright, they may not match well with gray walls. Sometimes darker colors work better together with light-colored walls; other times lighter colors go better together with darker wall color schemes. So be experimental and have fun!

Neutral stripes curtains

Neutral stripes are perfect for brightening up a gray wall. There are many different shades of gray that work well with these curtains, so you can be sure to find the perfect color for your home. They also help block out sunlight and give you privacy at the same time. To ensure accurate curtain sizing, make sure to measure your window before making your purchase. If they are too big or small, they will not fit properly and may end up getting torn or wrinkled over time.

Chalky blue curtains

Adding a splash of color to gray walls can be tricky, but chalky blue is the perfect solution. This light blue hue has a warm undertone that will add brightness and life to your room, making it look inviting and cheerful. It goes great with other colors in the room – green or pink for example – and looks good on both light and dark wall decors. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your living space feel more alive, chalky blue is definitely worth considering!

Emerald green curtains

If you’re looking for a curtain color that will really stand out, consider opting for emerald green. This hue is different than most curtains and can be hard to match with other wall colors. But the payoff is worth it – people will be drawn to your room just by seeing this curtain color! It also goes great with natural light, so if you have windows that let in a lot of light, Emerald green is perfect for you.

Multi-colored boho curtains

If you are looking to brighten up your gray walls, then a multi-colored curtain is the perfect choice. You can go for bold colors like red, blue, or purple to really stand out. Be sure to choose curtains that will suit the color of your walls – if your wall are light in color, then go for a light curtain. For darker walls, go for richer colors like black or brown.

How can I choose the right curtain color for my room?

Based on the colors of your walls, you can choose your curtain color accordingly. For light or neutral tones like white, beige, or rose, go for light curtain colors like beige, light blue, or light pink. For darker shades like charcoal, navy, or black, go for darker colors like burgundy, midnight blue, or raspberry.

Finally, for rooms with other colors on the wall – like green or red – try using pops of color instead of a monotone curtain. This will help to add some brightness and fun to your room.

Can you recommend any other tips for choosing curtains that will go well with gray walls?

When it comes to curtains that will go well with gray walls, here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Consider curtains with a traditional or country look. These types of curtains tend to be more versatile and can be used in many different rooms in the house
  2. Double the curtain rod if you live in a highrise as it will provide more space for your drapes and make them less bulky
  3. If you’re on a budget, go for sheer curtains instead of heavyweight ones so that they can be easily replaced when necessary


Gray walls are a popular color choice for many people, but they can be a little bland when it comes to curtains. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best curtain colors to go with gray walls, based on your color preferences. From light shades to bold colors, we’ve got you covered! So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for curtains today and make your gray walls look prettier than ever!

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